About Me

About Berkeley Albany Therapist Stephen Vernon MFT

Except for the point
The Still Point
There would be No Dance
And There is Only the Dance

—T.S. Eliot

Therapy, for me, provides that still point from which we can more deeply experience and learn the dance.

I am a Jungian psychotherapist and, as such, believe that our deep interior selves, the psyche, wants us to learn more about ourselves and our relationships. With that foundation I draw from several theoretical approaches, focus on clients feelings and beliefs and have often witnessed the importance of the emergence of the symbolic in our lives.

I started in this field in Michigan as crisis mental health and substance abuse counselor in the 1970’s. We had an approach called “empathy training” based on Carl Rogers’ client/feeling-centered approach and traversed the state as trainers for other clinics, police, fire and community groups.

When I came to California I became licensed as a marriage and family therapist and started a private practice in 1984. I have also had extensive clinical and managerial experience in public health and academics. Among other experiences, I have been a counselor, Clinical Director and Executive Director for Fort Help Substance Abuse Clinic; HIV Mental Health Director for California Pacific Medical Center; Behavioral Health Director and Executive Director for different Family Service Agencies.

I teach Graduate Psychology courses and provide clinical supervision for graduate students and employee interns.   RESUME’