SUMMARY— Experienced in direct service, clinical supervision and teaching of diverse populations. Successful private practice. Consistent success in managing and growing  community service agencies and programs.  Skilled in all factors of organizational  development and management.


1984       Marriage, Family and Child Therapist, California license MFC19830

1984       California Community College Instructor credential 09959

 1984       California Community College Counselor credential 09960

1991       Marriage and Family Therapist, Oregon license T0295



1984-Present    Psychotherapist; Private Practice, S.F. Bay Area. Individual, relationship, family, child,        adolescent, and group. Assessment, psychotherapy and addiction treatment.

2008-2009       Teen Director;  Coming Home Iraq And Afghanistan Veterans Summer Retreat

1994-1996       Psychotherapist; HIV Mental Health, California Pacific Medical Center, S.F., CA. Assessment and brief psychotherapy. Clinical supervisor of staff. Grief therapy, case management, crisis intervention

1981-1993       Psychotherapist; Fort Help ,S.F., CA. Individual, chemical dependency, relationship, group and  family. Assessment, crisis, brief and long term psychotherapy, case management.

1980-1981       Psychotherapy internship; JF Kennedy Counseling Center, Concord, CA. Child, family, group and   individual therapy. Clinic and school based.

 1972-1975       Community counseling;   Drug Education Center, East Lansing, MI.  Crisis, drug, brief, pregnancy counselor, individuals and families  


2007-2010 Faculty;  Notre Dame de Namur University, Belmont, CA,   Couples Therapy; Group Therapy

2007- 2010      Lecturer;  John F. Kennedy University,  Pleasant Hill, CA  Supervision

2006- 2010      Instructor and Consultant; The Psychotherapy Institute,  Berkeley, CA,  Group Psychotherapy

2007                Adjunct Faculty;  The Wright Institute, Berkeley, CA, Chemical Dependency

 1992-1994       Chair; Religious Education, Unitarian Universalist Church,     Kensington, CA.

 1984-1987       Academic Advisor; New College, S.F., CA.

 1983-1987       Instructor; Graduate and undergraduate Psychology, New College, S.F., CA.  Intro to Psychology;    Addictions

 1985                Instructor; Melia Foundation, Berkeley, CA.   Addictions


2007- 2010      Clinical Supervisor ;   John F. Kennedy University, Pleasant Hill, CA

2001- 2002      Clinical Supervisor; Valley AIDS, Pleasanton, CA Supervising licensed and licensed eligible staff.

1996- 2001      Clinical Supervisor; Family Service Agency/SF. Provide supervision for licensure hours

1994-1996       Clinical Supervisor; HIV Mental Health, California Pacific Medical Center, S.F., CA.Supervising licensed and licensed eligible staff.

1992-1998       Advisor; Ministerial Interns, Unitarian Universalist Church, Kensington, CA.

1986-1993       Clinical Supervisor; Fort Help, S.F., CA. Supervising licensed and licensed eligible staff.


2002 –2006     Executive Director, Family Service Agency San Leandro, San Leandro, CA. Developed and managed contracts, grants and programs, stabilized finances and accounting procedures, created successful fundraising activities

2001- 2002      Consultant/Director, Valley AIDS, Pleasanton, CA.  Developed UR, QA and fiscaltracking  systems. Prepared program for transition to another agency.

 1996-2001       Director, Behavioral Health; Family Service Agency/San Francisco, S.F.,CA. Gcontract  from $3.8 million to $5 million in a restricted funding environment. Responsibility  for  multiple program service delivery of  multi-disciplinary behavioral  health across the age  spectrum. Personnel management. Management and development of varied funding streams,   including  medi-care/caid. Managed care, cost  and fee for  service reimbursement. Contract   and  grant writing. Responsible for multi-million dollar contract, budgeting, revenue, negotiations, outcomes and program development. Division and agency  representative to funding, regulatory, legislative, trade organizations and community agencies.

1994-1996              Director, HIV Mental Health; California Pacific Medical Center, S.F., CA. Grew program from  $350,000 to $700,000, enhanced staffing to include administrative staff, psychiatric  services and  volunteers. Developed outcomes and accountability system and IT charting;Operations and clinical responsibility; management of psychiatric, neuropsychological, nursing, psychotherapy, administrative and  volunteer staff. Contract and grant writing and  negotiation.  Program development and outreach;  fiscal, budget and managerial responsibility Evaluation,QA, and UM.       Representative to fiscal, regulatory, legislative and  community agencies.

1989-1994    Executive Director; Fort Help Methadone Maintenance Agency, S.F., CA. Grew      agency form $125,000 to $400,000  Fiscal  planning, budgeting and billing. Developed  H/R and  personnel benefits procedures. Management of medical,counseling,  administrative  and volunteer staff; program evaluation; UM; medical services coordination. Agency  representative to private, local, state and federal   professional, regulatory, and legislative   agencies. Grant writing. Media relations.

1985-1990    Clinical Director; Fort Help, S.F, CA.  For  125 to 150 clients. Training and        supervision of psychotherapy and substance abuse counselors, client assessment and caseload consultation, 3rd  party  billing; in-service trainings; crisis intervention.Clinical representative for agency.


2005-present    Member, Physicians for a National Health Plan;  Speakers Bureau ;  East Bay Steering  Committee

2006- 2010       Member, Group Psychotherapy Training Committee,  The Psychotherapy Institute, Berkeley,CA

2004- 2007      CA/NV Regional Representative, Association of Behavioral Health Care Managers

1998-2005       Member; Board of Directors, In Home Supportive Services Consortium, S.F., CA.

1998- 2001      Executive Committee; Mental Health Contractors, S.F., CA

1996-2001       Member; Mental Health Contractors, S.F., CA.

1996-1997       Member; County Systems of Care Work Group, S.F., CA. Development of Systems of  Care, fee-for-service and managed care for County Department of Mental Health

1995-1996       Executive Committee and (1994-1996) member HIV Mental Health Contractors, S.F., CA

1994-1997       Member, Student Attendance Review Board, Albany USD, Albany, CA

1994-1995       Member; County HIV Health Services, S.F., CA. Development of HIV five-year plan.

1992-1997       Member; Board of Directors, Unitarian Universalist Church, Kensington, CA.

1987-1989       Member; Drug Policy Board, Alameda County Supervisor’s, Oakland, CA.

1984-1989       Vice-Chair; California Association of Drug Programs and Professionals, Santa Clara, CA.

1981-1989       Lobbying and organizing regarding legislation and regulation of state drug policy

1981-1984       Member; Board of Directors, Center for Solving Social and Health Problems, S.F.,


Alameda and Contra Costa Medi-Cal, Magellan,  MHN, CorpHealth, UBH, AETNA, Prime EAP, ETP, Blue Shield,  Blue Cross


Physicians for a National Health Plan

Association of Behavioral Healthcare Management

The Psychotherapy Institute (Berkeley)

                                            Association of Transpersonal Psychology

                                            California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists

                                            American Association of  Marriage and Family Therapists

                                            Founding member, Adult Children of Alcoholics Forum

SELECTED PAPERS AND PRESENTATIONS (Initial presentations/appearances)

2011                “Affordable Care Act and Single Payer Health Care”  (California Health Professionals Student Alliance, NorCal Conference plenum)

                        “Priming the Pump—Single Payer, Then and Now” (San Francisco Democratic Club)

                        “Provider, Employer, Consumer, I”  (Therapists for Peace and Justice)

2009                “Confidentiality and Ethical Issues of Group Psychotherapy”  (John F Kennedy University Masters Program)

                      “Psychopharmocology of Illicit Drug Use”  (John F Kennedy University Masters Program)

2006                “Group Therapy – Issues in Ethics and Terminations”   (The Psychotherapy Institute)

                        “Single Payer and Public Behavioral Health” (Behavioral Health Magazine)

2001                      “The Aging AIDS Population” (World AIDS Day  presentation, Pleasanton, CA)

2000                “Promoting Medication for Substance Abuse Treatment, Considerations of Dual Diagnosis, Harm Reduction and Consumer Involvement” (Center for Substance Abuse Treatment, Invitational Colloquium,  Oakland CA)

1999                “Substance Abuse Services for Families in Child Protection Services” (S.F. State University      Training for  San Francisco Department of Human Services)

1997                “Development and Management of Multiple Funding Streams for Programming Serving        Children and Families” ( 2nd World Conference on Family Law and the Rights of  Children and Youth, S.F., CA)

1995             “Comprehensive and Multi-disciplinary Approach to HIV Mental Health” (  8th National  AIDS Conference, S.F., CA)

1993    “The Marriage of Ragnell and Gawain—The Relationship Journey” 


M.A.ClinicalPsychology; J.F.Kennedy Univ.,Orinda, CA

                                                  B.S.      SocialPsychology; Michigan St. Univ., E.Lansing, MI






Emotionally Focused

Carl Rogers developed a radical idea more than 50 years ago that we are as much, or more, emotional beings as acting ones. That, in fact, our emotions, known or unknown, precede and instruct our actions. Prior to that John Bowlby developed a twist to psychodynamic theory that focused on the importance on being able to develop a sense of secure attachment and interdependence with others.

Sue Johnson has combined these into EMOTIONALLY FOCUSED THERAPY. This therapy and my general approach is based on the fact that an adult relationship is attachment based not a set of negotiated behaviors and thoughts.