Fees, Insurance, Cancellation Policy

Regular Fees: $150-200 for 50 minute session
Reduced fees available. 

I am on some insurance  network panels. It comes as no surprise that insurance companies can create limitations in this work. Nonetheless, significant help can be available utilizing insurance reimbursement. Check with your insurer/HR to review your benefits and procedures. I will go over this with you in our initial contact and our first session.

I also  provide billing for clients using Out of Network  services.

Our agreed upon appointment time is available only to you. Therefore if you miss the appointment I will need to charge you the session fee for that time. If you are utilizing insurance, as insurance will not pay for missed sessions, I will charge you the full insurance rate for the session. With enough advance notice, usually a minimum of 48 hours, if we can rearrange your appointment for the same week I will not charge for the missed appointment

If you know you have events, vacations etc. coming up, please bring it up as soon as possible and at the beginning of a session so as to allow us adequate time to discuss and make appropriate schedule changes.