Be Strong—Yes! Be Vulnerable—No! ???

Son, boy,brother, friend, man, lover, husband, father, grandfather, learner, mentor, work, career….

Society and our intimates and friends have their expectations of us. Sometimes they even match our own. Often, we are not clear about what we want or expect or, even if we were, how to get “there.”

Many of us have lived through severe and/or repetitive trauma. Most of us have never measured up to the internal and external ideas and expectations. Now, perhaps, though we no longer believe in them, we do not know what we believe.

Often we as men get to the point of asking ourselves, “is this all there is?”, or tell ourselves, “I am tired of the pain, the loneliness.” It is at this moment that we are open to our vulnerability, our desire to grow and explore ourselves outside the expectations and accomplishments of life. In therapy we work to provide a safe environment where we can explore and open to deeper hidden aspects of being a man in today’s rapidly changing world. In discovering the full range of our emotional and spiritual nature, we are able to learn to express authentic masculinity.