Mid Life

40 is the Noon of Life.

–Carl Jung
  Much of earlier life’s separation from our Self has been done in the service of economic and relationship survival. The cost is felt not only in the denigration/loss of our self, but, often in our relationship and economic lives as well.

Midlife is not just a time of grieving for what you did not do. It is a time of exploration for what you are now prepared to be.

A crisis, a “psychological emergency” often brings us face to face with the soul at work inside us aching to be seen and to teach. Depth psychotherapy helps both the seeing and the learning. As well, we will focus on practical barriers and actions to be taken to explore where the emerging self leads.

It is in midlife that we discover that the emotional turmoil and confusion, and the nightmares, of childhood and adolescence are not safely tucked away behind us. The psyche is still very much alive and active.

— Murray Stein