Paradoxically, schooled in independence and the individual, the Western soul turns towards interdependent relationships to seek meaning, transcendence, wholeness, intimacy, commitment and separation.

When we first meet not only do we see what we hope the other will be for us but we show the better selves we hope to become.

Communication, negotiations, agreements, sexual openness –these are necessary skills to learn and practice. The necessary foundation for them is to truly hear and trust each other. We will  focus on how people experience and react to their own perceptions and emotions and how they send and receive them with their partner. Research has shown this  works more deeply and maintains gains better than other relationship approaches.

We are together as couples to care for each other  and help us learn and heal from our painful patterns and experiences  of the past.

Emotionally Focused, I help couples learn how to talk and listen with each other, to slowly become more aware of their emotions and incrementally trust themselves and their partners with them.

Berkeley Albany Relationship Therapy for Couples

Emotion is the music of the relational dance.