Substance Abuse/Addictions

Addiction is a psychological/biological /spiritual and social dis-ease. Its many definitions stem from this multi-dimensional reality. In many ways it fits the “popular” definition of “insanity” as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Or, perhaps, even more, it is the knowing in this “insane” life that we can depend on that drink or other drug, or that food or diet, or that sex or other behavior to bring predictable, though not necessarily, desirable results.

My approach tries to incorporate all the factors as they arise for an individual to try to help them acknowledge, identify and seek ways of reducing the harmful effects of their addiction and addictive behavior. We will talk about your family, your binges, finding spiritual and social support, your negative thoughts, your patterns of abuse, cue extinction, neurological processes and triggers, all this and more. If need be, I can provide formal intervention processes and support referrals to residential and intensive outpatient treatment . I provide “after-care” from such services as well.

But, mostly, we will create a space to explore your hopes and fears, support the hopes and face the fears.